While the vast majority of the world stopped producing art due to the devastation and trauma of WWII, a group of artists including painters, illustrators, and designers began working for the U.S. Office of War Information. This government agency was responsible for producing and distributing informative pieces about the war in order to keep the public in touch with the war and its corresponding events. Numerous posters, cartoons, and other materials were widely distributed throughout the United States. These efforts were focused on enlistment, conservation, preparedness, and funding.

These posters our often thought to be a large contribution in the Allies winning the war. In this USPS special edition stamp release, I worked to commemorate the sacrifice and patriotism that these various artists demonstrated for the love of their country and people through the creation of 9 stamps and 3 brochures featuring Jean Carlu, Joseph Leyendecker, Joseph Binder.


WWII Research and Evaluation

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