To add to the magic theme, the front and back covers include a black-foiled title and logo on vellum while the second inside front and back covers are a negative of the title and logo die cut in a black cardstock and adhered to the first and last page. Thus, both the title and the logo seem as if they are disappearing as the pages are turned.

Page 19 demonstrates the different types of magic by utilizing each variant of paper offered by Mohawk. In example, a description of Vanishing is printed on a transparent film the allude to the concept of the vanishing. Page 46 includes a pocket for the Magic Trick Guide Booklet, with which the user can practice their own card tricks with the included box of playing cards. Page 51 incorporates a perforated magic wand that the user is advised to use in order to discover a hidden compartment in the promo book’s box.


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