Sprouts Farmers Market

Branding and Identity

With a wide collection of products and identity usage, it is important that Sprouts establishes a mark that works well on both a large platform and in minuscule application. This new identity is representative of the brand's purpose as a healthy, all-natural market that provides food and reasonable rates, all the while ensuring its uniqueness among other competitors such as Whole Foods and The Fresh Market.

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Huge, Inc.

Promotional Set — Agency Spotlight

Huge, Inc. continuously produces user-based content that strikes its audience due to its unorthodox approach. Therefore, this promotional piece highlights their unique ability to create content that is not only personable, but also...well...huge (pun definitely intended). Nonetheless, the piece includes 2 separate booklets cased in a simply folded enclosure.

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Application Design

Userbox is a platform that provides a web-designer with the ability to fully develop and customize user accounts and subscription plans without wasting time and money writing PHP or hiring a developer. Designers are able to create databases and subscriptions, both digital and physical, and assign them to different users based on their needs.

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My Passion

I am adaptive, constantly interested in different techniques and tools that enable efficient and unique design. Through freelance and project outreach, I strive to help others develop their own brand and ignite a spark of creativity that allows them to stand out in their industry. I am detail-oriented, continuously ensuring that every minute factor has a purpose and doesn’t go unconsidered. I bring minimalism to life through the use of white-space and hierarchy. I am technologically-focused, with an appreciation for the dynamic nature of the digital space and its growing responsiveness between different media types and sizes. From print and publication to web and user-experience design, I work with others to develop a unique brand that has a purpose.

For the past 6 years, I have been engaging and designing for local small businesses to establish a message that targets their specific audience through the use of identity and web design. With a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Advertising and Branding from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I am not only continuously inspired by my fellow peers, but also by the countless users and their amazing motivation to pursue good design. My name is Austin Klubenspies, and I am a graphic designer.

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