CARE has found the most effective means to fight poverty — empowering women and girls. If we work with local communities to deliver gender equality and give women and girls the chance to fulfill their potential, we will accelerate much faster to our overreaching goal of ending poverty in this generation. While we are not unique in having this focus, we are known for our deep expertise based on our established programs — but we have not aggressively pursued sector leadership in the USA space. This is about change.


In partnership with Delta Airlines, we have developed a branded experience that is not only focused on gainging donations from donors around the United States, but also devoted to gaining a larger, more consistent following that will continually thrive. By focusing on the true value of $1 and how it impacts those living in poverty around the world, Delta will host the experience on all domestic and international flights throughout the U.S.

This campaign involves a live map view of donations being made around the states, and how each donation helps key communities on a global scale. Each passenger will be introduced to the concept by watching a short call to action video and then will be prompted to donate in flight. Because this view is live, it allows the users to experience other donations in real time, thus encouraging them to help be part of the change.

In addition to the in-flight experience, we will also launch this platform on all CARE media, including website, social accounts, mobile applications, and much more. The campaign will be aided by a variety of advertisements, both digital and physical. While the aspects of social advertisement on platforms like Facebook and Twitter will appeal to the younger end of the demographic, printed ads in magazines and billboards will appeal to the older retained audience. All in all, a single dollar can make a huge impact on those around us, and this campaign will help create a larger awareness of the impact that CARE can have on poverty everywhere.


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