Sprouts originated from Henry Boney’s produce stand in San Diego, 1943. Later known as Henry’s Farmers Market, the company was bought off by Wild Oats (of which is now owned by WholeFoods) and then repurchased by Sprouts in 2011. Since then, the farmers market continues to grow, reaching a total of 300 locations open in 2018and more than 28,000 employees. The brand itself is focused on healthy, all-natural foods that are reasonably priced. They regularly release weekly advertisements that include discounts and coupon to be used in store on specific days of the week.

The majority of their customer-base is tuned in on the concept of a healthier lifestyle at an affordable price, and they enjoy shopping at Sprouts due to their quick, yet friendly experience. As SproutsFarmers Market strengthens its roots along the east coast and the rest of the nation, it is important to replicate that success with a “fresh” brand image.

Project Scope

The identity of Sprouts today is solely based on Henry’s logotype from 2011, utilizing a green palette with a variety of fruits and vegetables as part of their emblem. Considering the brand has only made minor tweaks to their look over the past decade, there are many improvements that can be made to their current identity:

Their current emblem is okay at a larger size, but becomes illegible when reduced to smaller labeling and other applications. While their logotype is easier to read at smaller sizes, it lacks the same expression of iconography and imagery that is captured in their emblem. The rustic, all-natural feel of the brand is translated throughout their identity design, yet it no longer conveys a fresh modern tone like it has in the past. Their private label packaging and brand usage throughout the store is lacking in consistency and cohesiveness. Their information design fails to provide a shopper with the most important information at all times.


Full Project Brief

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